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Eye Library / Diagnostic Tests / Amsler Grid Test

Amsler Grid is a simple screening test used to assess central vision for early signs of wet AMD. The Amsler grid looks like graph paper having a series of small squares on it and with a dot in the center of the grid. The patient is instructed to stare at the dot and notice if any lines appear wavy or missing.

If you are concerned about AMD, and particularly if you have a family history, you are over 50, or you have other risk factors for the disease, you are encouraged to do the Amsler test on a regular basis. People who have already been diagnosed with wet AMD should use the grid every day to check for changes in vision.

To use the grid:

1. Wear your reading glasses and hold this grid 12 to 15 inches away from your face in good light

2. Cover one eye

3. Look directly at the center dot with the uncovered eye

4. While looking directly at the center dot, note whether all lines of the grid are straight or if any areas are distorted, blurred or dark

5. Repeat this procedure with the other eye

6. If any area of the grid looks wavy, blurred or dark, contact your ophthalmologist immediately