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As, İstanbul Retina Enstitüsü Özel Göz Sağlık Hizmetleri LLC, operating in ‘Esentepe Hakkı Yeten Cad. Unimed Center No:19/7, Fulya, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul’, “Controller”, we hereby declare that we value the privacy and security of your data greatly and that every personal data belonging to you is recorded and preserved in compliance with KVKK.

1. Acquiring and Processing of Personal Data and Processing Purposes

In order to provide you a higher standard of service, we obtain your personal data verbally, in writing or electronically, depending on the nature of the service provided, in accordance with the legal reasons stated in the Articles 5 and 6 of KVKK, by automatic or non-automatic methods. Within this scope, your general and sensitive personal data stated below, particularly your health data, may be processed with the purposes also stated below.

Data: Your name, surname, Republic of Turkey Identity Number, passport number or temporary Republic of Turkey Identity Number, birth place and date, marital status, sex, protocol number specific to our clinic and other identity data by which we can identify you, your residence address, phone number, e-mail address and other contact data, financial information such as payment and invoicing, audio and digital information which can be acquired by us via electronic or non-electronic methods from time to time, your general and sensitive data, particularly your personal health data that is acquired throughout the medical diagnosis, examination, treatment and care services, your data regarding private health insurance and your Social Security Institution data that is acquired with the purpose of financing and planning of health services and in case you are our employee, every kind of personal data regarding the service contract and your suitability for the job.

Processing Purposes: Every type of your personal and sensitive data acquired by Retina may be processed with the purposes of; identification, informing you when an appointment is scheduled, invoicing in exchange of our services, sharing information that has been requested by Ministry of Health and other public authorities in accordance with relevant legislation, execution of legal and regulatory necessities, complying with sharing requests of insurance companies and judicial authorities within the scope of professional liability policies, informing you regarding your questions and complaints, monitorization and blockage of exploitation and unauthorized activities, establishing the necessary technical and administrative precautions within the scope of data security, archiving activities regarding the execution of the obligation to preserve regarding relevant legislation, improvement of scientific studies, execution and improvement of medical diagnosis and treatment services, planning and management of health services and financing. With respect to the relevant legislation, your personal data that is acquired and processed may be preserved in physical archives and information systems that belong to our Company.

2. Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your personal data may be shared with laboratories that we cooperate with for the purposes of medical diagnosis and treatment, Social Security Institution, private insurance companies, institutions and other real and legal third parties we provide services from by forming a contractual relationship in order to carry out our activities, courts, judicial authorities, public authorities and when needed, our appointed lawyers and third parties and institutions we consult, with legal provisions and purposes stated above and in accordance with the fundamental principles stated in KVKK. Your personal or sensitive data may be shared by the e-mail address you have stated or, physically with the people you will appoint, only upon your request.

3. Method and Legal Reasoning of the Data Collection

We acquire your personal data, within the scope of the purposes stated above, via any written, verbal or electronic platform. With respect to this, we collect your personal data, within our field of business, including but not limited to, execution of our activities within the legal framework and being able to completely and duly execute our liabilities arising from contract. They can be processed by getting explicit consent in the light of the principles stated in Article 4(2) of KVKK, or without getting explicit consent in the existence of situations stated in Articles 5(2) and 6(3).

Legal basis for collection of personal data;
- Law number 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (KVKK)
- Labor Code number 4857
- Code of Obligations number 6098
- Tax Procedure Code number 213
- Directive on Private Healthcare Organizations that Provide Ambulatory Diagnosing and Treatment
- Directive on Patient Rights
- Code on Social Insurance and General Health Insurance
- Social Security Institution Directive on Social Security Operations

4. Your Rights Regarding Protection of Personal Data

You, as a data owner, may submit your requests regarding your rights by filling out and signing the Personal Data Owner Application Form in the online address of, by applying in person to our Company operating in "Hakkı Yeten Cad. Unimed Center No: 19/7 Fulya – Şişli, İstanbul" or by sending an e-mail to any one of our e-mail addresses in the application form. Our company will conclude your application as soon as possible and in a maximum of 30 days in any case, free of charge. In accordance with the Article 11 of Law on Protection of Personal Data and relevant legislation, you are permitted to;
- Acquire knowledge of whether your personal data is being processed or not,
- If your personal data has been processed, request information regarding it,
- Acquire knowledge of the processing purpose of your personal data and if it is being used in accordance with intended purpose,
- Acquire knowledge of third parties within the country or abroad to which your personal data is being transferred,
- Request correction in case your personal data has been processed incompletely or incorrectly,
- Request your personal data to be deleted or destroyed,
- Request to notify the third parties your personal data has been transferred to of such changes,
- Object to unfavorable outcomes due to the analysis of your processed data by solely automated systems.

You may extend your requests regarding protection of personal data by sending us the Application Form.