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Going Pro - PADI vs SSI.

1. In terms of diver training there is very little difference between SSI and PADI. This starter certification qualifies you to dive to 18 metres (60 feet) with both PADI and SSI. PADI: Yes. As mentioned earlier in the article if you complete the online learning with SSI which is free, then there is a major saving.

SSI vs PADI, Is There A Price Difference. Island Divers Hawaii, is an SSI training facility, offering scuba diving courses that ranges from introduction to diving to Master Scuba Diver.

Die Tauchverbände von denen du schon mal gehört hast machten ihren Job besser als die dir Unbekannten. The beginner scuba diving certification that PADI teaches vs the training with SSI is very similar. PADI vs SSI vs NAUI.

• PADI was founded in 1956 while SSI was founded in 1970. The transcript of the chat is then emailed to us so that we may follow up with you. However, PADI grants you lifelong access to their online Open Water Diver Manual.

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If you complete the Open Water Certification at the dive center then there is not really any major difference.

9.3k … Show all posts for this topic. This accounts for the more than 27 million PADI-certified divers since its beginning.

While this article compares BSAC vs PADI only, you should know that there are many scuba diving organisations or agencies out there; SSI, CMAS, NAUI, SDI, RAID, IANTD, ANDI and GUE are all names that you will come across if you hang around the diving industry long enough.

The big difference between PADI and SSI is the PADI courses offer a lot less flexibility during the classes. 1; 2 HomerS CMAS 3* PADI vs. SSI 07.03.2012 21:55. It will also prepare the candidate for their Instructor Evaluation. Kommt es nur mir so vor, oder switchen immer mehr Tauchschulen und Basen von PADI zu SSI? 91 55 18. Enter custom title (optional) This topic is locked. Call Today! Both agencies offer e-learning options as well as printed manual. SSI still requires you to purchase all the training materials with the dive center you do the practical training with. Certified Boat Dive Charters; Introductory Dives ; Pelagic Night Dives – Black Water Dives; Snorkeling with Turtles; Packages. The first thing to understand is that both PADI and SSI are recognized worldwide diving qualifications, and as a recreational diver, they share a diving-level-structure. Alles was nicht direkt zu den obigen Foren passt, findet hier Platz. Neben Zertifizierungen handelt es sich bei diesen beiden auch um Organisationen, die… Show all posts for this topic. PADI vs SSI vs NAUI vs BSAC what are the differences.

• SSI is more flexible than PADI as a student has to master the skill A before moving on to another skill B. Print current page. SSI: Loaned Books supplied in our dive center, yours to borrow for the course. Diese beiden Zertifizierungen sind in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt beliebt und werden auf der Suche nach Jobs als professioneller Tauchausbilder akzeptiert. Starting with PADI, they would be considered as a 'training agency' trading for a profit. It’s only if you decide to make the jump over to become a professional diver that things really differ. PADI Dive Courses Vs SSI Dive Course | PADI Vs SSI | Scuba Schools Indonesia. • Both PADI and SSI offer certifications that are accepted at par by employers around the world.

I am wondering what are trhe differences between the 2 different qualifications (divemaster and diveguide). SSI ITC vs PADI IDC. Both are accepted world-wide. They both follow the diving standards set by the Governing body – WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) meaning that knowledge and skill requirements are almost the same.