So long as you know how to change a tyre, you can install the Swytch kit. Its as simple as that every day. In my opinion anyone that poo poos this bike doesn't know much about bicycling. The Swytch kit for the Brompton is available in two different flavours: the Eco (35km/21.7-mile range) and the Pro (50km/31-mile range).

expecting much at all other than a disposable bike but I don't really care about. “ I'm so glad Swytch is bringing out a much improve and extended milage battery pack.Now I can cover my 20 miles round trip to work every day much faster. I have a 6 speed Brompton that is love to convert, but I’m not fully convinced by any of the current solutions.

In the meantime the tyres came for the Brompton kits so I'll try to put one together this week.

Swytch debuts new e-bike conversion kit. Are E-Bikes Fun? It depends on the brand you choose, how powerful the motor you choose is, what type of battery you get, and a few other important specifications. 8:56. 350-500W Hub Motor: 2.7kg : 6lbs ... We believe one of the biggest problems with electric bikes is that you totally lose the feeling of riding your original bike. The world's lightest, instantly removable eBike kit.

The PAS does not fit on my donor bike as it's a carbon frame with a fat bottom bracket. The Swytch Hub-Motor is low drag, meaning your original ride is unaffected when you switch back. The Swytch Instant E-Bike Kit carries its battery and control components in a handlebar bag, and drives the bike via a motorized front wheel. For me the purpose of having an e assist is to assist beyond my natural capabilities and that means wh/mi use more in the 15-20/mi range which with a 5AH battery would not give me much satisfaction although my 10.5AH battery does. Finally a conversion kit that is simple to install and works on any bike.

From road bikes to beach cruisers, this all-in-one electric conversion kit allows you to turn any bike into an electric power easily. Convert ANY bike. Do I have to sign up to a minimum commitment or contract term with Swytch? This means that now anyone can get a good quality electric bike, typically worth £2,000 or more, for a fraction of the price. Swytch say they do other types of PAS but I am waiting for a reply. It takes just 5-10 minutes for the initial installation and then you can Swytch instantly between bike and eBike thanks to the instantly removable power pack. 250W Hub Motor: 1.5 kg : 3.3lbs.

Is exactly what I've been looking for for one bike that does a little bit of everything. In this post I’ll summarize the options available, and continue updating it with new developments as they happen. | Check out 'Swytch: Convert Any Bike Into An eBike' on Indiegogo. How much does the system weigh?

I first ran into Oliver and Dmitro, the duo behind Swytch, at the Eurobike 2019 trade show last month. How to Swytch your bike. A general range you can expect to land in could be anywhere from around $400-$1000. The Swytch universal e-bike conversion kit will transform any old bike into a whizzy modern e-bike by swapping your stock front wheel for one with a motor and adding a battery pack to the handlebars.