FLOW TESTING Our flowbench is an extremely important part of our cylinder head production process.

… I came in from out of town and they made sure they fixed my cylinder head the same day to avoid me having to make two trips. MES specializes in the hydro-testing and recertification of your SCBA and DOT storage cylinders. Cylinder Head Pressure Testing is often used to find problems with cylinder heads or blocks within your car engine, this method saves a lot of time and allows you to find exactly what faulty components you have and what needs to be done in terms of repairs. This inexpensive method checks your head casting is fine and there are no other problems with the cooling system. As we develop a head, we can obtain data on the volume and velocity of the air flowing through the various parts of the head. The testing is precise enough to allow us to see the airflow around sections of the perimeter of each valve in a head. Auto service and support packages available! When the job was done, Jerry gave us a tour of their shop and showed what they did to fix the cylinder head. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by repairing your old block or head. Any 'V' or 'Vee' configured engines or inline engines are welcome.

As the nation’s largest fire equipment distributor and servicing company, MES has 17 in-house service centers staffed with certified technicians trained to … Midwest Cylinder Head and Machine can repair and recondition your cracked or otherwise damaged aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads and cylinder blocks to like new condition. 6. Hot Testing.

We can cater for all style cylinder blocks.

We are able to pressure test cylinder heads of most vehicles; cars, bikes, jet skis and boats. We offer on site Cylinder reboring & honing with a rapid turnaround. Pistons are easily sourced overnight. From single cylinder engines to Industrial and marine 16 cylinder engines.

Race Recondition: $300 Complete recondition of cylinder heads with a Serdi cut valve job, surface mill, cleaning, inspection, re-assembly and new valve seals installed.. Competition valve job: $175 A must for improved flow.Includes a multi-angle or radius Serdi cut valve job on both heads. A cylinder head can crack internally, so even if no cracks are visible on the cylinder head, it is always worth pressure testing to confirm that the cylinder head is OK to re-fit.

” Devin Sibley We will submerge your cylinder head in hot water (60c) to test the pressure further looking for any leaks present at the engines' operating temperature. Extremely customer friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Cylinder Head Repair Cylinder Honing & Reboring.