Top oil filters in its lineup include the Mobil 1 M1-102A Extended Performance Oil Filter and Mobil 1 M1-113 Extended Performance Oil Filter. ISOEN14644-3 was finally published in January 2006. Not the most glamorous component of a motorcycle, but many would argue it’s one of the most important. 1) Cost. As we all know, oil plays a critical role in keeping our motorcycles running optimally, and the filter’s role in keeping the oil clean is vital. If you want maximum flow with absolute minimum pressure drop from the filter, you may decide to choose from very low restriction filters. Cons. 1.2 This standard applies to oil filters for engine lube oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, gear oil, turbine oil, transformer oil and bypass oil. Two methods for the in situ testing of HEPA filters are among a total of 13 possible different cleanroom tests. The Boss helps keep your engine running clean for as long as possible. It’s not uncommon for an identical filter to be sold under a number of different brand names, further adding to the confusion. New tests. But the Purolator Boss is a premium version of this oil filter, which means it costs more money.

Not all test were done on all filters as you can see. Shopping for an oil filter can be confusing with so many different brands to choose from.

These motor oil test results are from 540 Rat’s Blog. ... 5W20 Oil 5W30 Oil 10W30 Oil ams oil best motor oil best oil filter best racing oil best synthetic oil bosch oil filter fram oil filter High Zinc Oil List k&n oil filter mobil 1 oil purolator oil filter quaker state oil royal purple oil. Re: Oil Filter Tests Reply #5 on: February 19, 2020, 10:19:56 PM i cut open my oil filters for the first 2 changes after buying a new bike.

the honda filters are made very well. This standard has been revised by ISO 4548-1:1997. The two filter integrity test methods (Section B6), though set up in a similar manner, do not produce like-for-like results. i am impressed with them, they are worth the extra few dollars. Other comparable oil filters only give you around 96.5% efficiency. Oil Filter Pricing. The standard applies for both the element filters and spin on filters. Oil filters. 1.1 This Kenya Standard specifies materials, performance r ements and methods of test for oil filters. Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines — Part 1: Pressure drop/flow characteristics. Any of these sample filters tested will filter your oil and should do the job. If you were using the Purolator Classic oil filter, you could get it for an affordable price.